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Industrial Safety Painting

Industrial Safety Painting and Line Marking is another one of the many services we offer. High-visibility line painting and clearly marked safety zones are essential to preventing accidents in industrial factories and warehouses. A protective urethane coating ensures these markings stay visible for years to come, even high traffic areas. Our goal is to help our customers create safer workplaces through our services.


Parking Spaces
  • floor markings

  • * Highly visible, precise and professionally applied, long lasting floor markings control forklift, tugger, service vehicle traffic and pedestrian flow. We also offer custom design floor plan layouts as well as re-painting existing faded markings.  

Handicap Spaces

custom stencils

* Every floor plan requires unique floor markings, we custom design stencils to fit every customer's specifications. 

Pavement Stencils
* High-visibility safety rails provide a safety barrier between pedestrians and heavy equipment. We paint newly installed safety railings as well as re-paint existing railings. 
Safety Walkway
Loading Dock

Floor Painting

* We offer many different options to meet your floor painting requirements. Anti-slip, durable epoxies (strengthening and extending the life of concrete by up to 50%) and a wide selection of colors to name a few. 


Surface Preparation

* Meticulous surface preparation is essential to guaranteeing a professional finish. Processes such as power washing, power vacuuming, power sweeping, chemical surface treatment, the use of bonding agents and crack repair before paint application ensure a long lasting, durable coating.

Warehouse Floors

Colored Floor

Colored Floors

Colored Floor

Pipes & Equipment

Pipes and Equipment

Guard Rails
Guard Rail

Outdoor Safety Railings
Outdoor Railings