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Asphalt Crack Repair

  Crack repair is one of the most critical stages in the asphalt restoration process. Improper crack repair allows moisture to penetrate
the asphalt base, weakening the structural integrity of the asphalt, causing it to heave and create more cracks due to freezing and
temperature changes. An effective and long lasting sealcoat application is jeopardized when crack repair is not done properly and
professionally. Simply put, it's all in the preparation! We use proven techniques with the proper product and equipment to ensure
that every crack is sealed before sealcoating. In some, more severe cases, there may be areas that need to be cut out and patched .
However, we have found that we can avoid many "costlier"replacement situations by using supierior products that perform much
better than other similar products on the market.

Crack Repair Preparation and Products Used:


Crack filling

* Dust, debris and vegetation is removed from the crack with a hot air lance or power brush to ensure uniform adhesion of
the crack filler.
* The cracks are then filled hot applied "CrackMaster Supreme", this is applied with a machine that melts the filler and injects
it into the cracks. This product is very effective because the filler expands and contracts with the asphalt without breaking
the bond with the asphalt, thus preventing damaging moisture from entering.
* In larger cracks, when necessary, "Trowel Grade Crackfiller" is used, this product is thicker and very effective in preventing
moisture from entering larger cracks.
* Smaller, shallow cracks can usually be filled with cold applied "Acrylic Crack Filler". We only use the highest grade filler
available that is also expandable and moves with the asphalt during temperature changes (most of the cheaper cold pour
products become rigid after curing and lose the bond with the asphalt, allowing moisture to enter).


Alligator crack

* As with common cracks, dust debris and vegetation are removed using the same methods.
* Once clean and free from moisture, contractor grade "GatorPave" is spread evenly over the area.
* Again, only the best product available is used in our applications.
* Sand is then sprinkled over the repaired area to ensure maximum adhesion to the sealcoat applied after.
* Note: Alligator cracks are the result of  the base or sub-base inadequately supporting the surface layer due to poor drainage or a
heavy spring thaw. We have found that as long as the asphalt is still in place (the chunks are not loose and easily removed by
hand), the superior product we use, allows us to avoid the costlier approach of removing and replacing the affected area.

Hot air lance

"High Velocity" Heat Lance Cleans and Dries Cracks Quickly.