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      Committed to Providing Our Customers:

           "Increased Cost Savings"    
  With the rising cost of pavement resurfacing, budgets are strained to the limit. When you  lengthen your pavement's lifecycle with proven
in-depth preservation technology, you reduce the annual costs of ownership of your paved surfaces. As your annual costs are
              reduced, your budget goes much further.
        "Improved Traffic Flow & Customer Safety"

    A clearly marked  parking  lot improves traffic flow  and ensures the safety of customers.  Reducing liabilities and optimizing the appearance
                    and efficiency of  your parking spaces  are essential to any business.
       "Accident Prevention"

        Providing a safer work environment is a top priority for any business. In A  busy workplace , high-visibility, clearly  marked aisles, safety railings  
                  and signs are crucial in  accident prevention.





Asphalt Sealcoating

 Sealcoating adds years to the life of your asphalt, in many cases doubling it, saving thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs.

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Asphalt Crack Repair

 Crack repair is one of the most critical stages in the asphalt restoration process. Improper crack repair allows moisture to penetrate the asphalt base, causing further damage.


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Line Painting

  A clearly-marked parking lot promotes safety and convenience by informing your customers where to park, stop or walk.



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Industrial Safety Painting

  High-visibility line painting and clearly marked safety zones are essential to preventing accidents in industrial factories and warehouses.

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With years of experience, knowledge & the use of superior products, preparation & application techniques, we are committed to  giving our customers exceptional service. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our customers by providing, safer work environments & reducing liability and maintenance costs.
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Maintenance Contracts

An annual contract service agreement can lock in savings on both sealcoating/crack filling cost, and labor. We also monitor the surface in case there are any new cracks that need to be filled before the next sealcoat application.

Ask about our annual service contracts and start saving today! Give us a call and we will have one of our estimators meet with you to discuss your parking lot or driveway maintenance needs.